The M.E. Müller Foundation of North America


Maurice E Müller M.D., an Orthopaedic Surgeon in St Gallen, Switzerland, following on the pioneering work of Sir John Charnley of Manchester England, began to develop implants for prosthetic replacement of arthritic hip joints. Based on his earlier work with AO/ASIF, he believed that a close collaboration between surgeons, scientists and industrialists was indispensable for successful development of surgical devices and implants. Maurice E Müller's work with Robert Mathys and the Sulzer organizations in the early 1960's resulted in the first manufactured stainless steel and later chrome-cobalt prosthetic hip implants.

Moving from St. Gallen to the Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Berne, Professor Müller and his associates founded Protek AG, a company dedicated to the sales of prostheses and instruments manufactured by Sulzer and Mathys. The royalties and profits of Protek were given for research, education and documentation through a foundation called the Protek Foundation.

In 1974, this foundation was renamed the Maurice E. Müller Foundation for Continuing Education, Research And Documentation in Orthopaedic Surgery.

The M.E. Müller Foundation of North America (MEMF-NA) was established in 1983, to foster post graduate education, research and documentation among American and Canadian Orthopaedic Surgery graduates. The foundation has funded advanced postgraduate education of qualified candidates through fellowships at approved centres in Europe and North America.

The Foundation has also sponsored a number of Hip Symposia held in various North American cities, including a symposium on Documentation and Evaluation held in 1986 in Boston, and Digital Imaging in Orthopaedic Surgery held in St. Petersburg Florida in 1990.

The Foundation has collaborated with the American Hip Society, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and the SICOT Commission on Documentation and Evaluation in reaching a consensus on terminology and clinical and radiological evaluation.

In its twenty six year history, MEMF-NA has funded continuing education grants for more than 40 North American orthopaedic surgeons who have become leaders in their respective institutions.

 1967  Founding of Protek AG
 1971  Teaching Centre for postgraduate Orthopaedic Surgeons opened in Berne
 1972  Documentation Centres and Biomechanics Lab established at teaching centre.
 1975  The Fundacion Maurice E. Müller Espana established at Barcelona.
 1981  Maurice E. Müller retires from the Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery. Foundation endows the M.E. Müller Institute for Biomechanics at University of Berne.
 1983   M.E. Müller Foundation of North America established.
 1986   Foundation establishes basic research institute at the Biocentre of the University of Basel
 1988  Maurice Edmond Müller Professorship in Orthopaedic Surgery established at Harvard Medical School.
 1993  The Maurice E. Müller Institute for Learning, Teaching, Documentation and Evaluation established at University of Toronto.

Fellowship Awards

Applications are now being received for Fellowships to be awarded. Interested candidates must have completed residency in orthopaedic programs in recognized teaching hospitals, and be recommended by a senior staff member of the orthopedic department in such institutions, or by a member of the MEMF-NA fellowship alumni.

Fellowship Availability